Welcome news on the future of Trove!

GLAM Peak commends the federal government for investing in Trove.

The commitment to the National Library of Australia of $33 million dollars over the next four years as well as providing $9.2 million in indexed ongoing annual funding from 2027/28 onwards has secured the future of this essential part of Australia’s cultural landscape.

Trove is a key part of Australia’s information and research infrastructure as it performs a critical role of showcasing and providing access to the rich collections of the National Library as well as the hundreds of other galleries, libraries, archives, and museums across Australia who have contributed information about their collections for universal discovery via Trove.

Australians depend on Trove as a basis for trusted, reliable, and immediately available information and cultural enrichment.  Our academic and cultural institutions across the country rely on it to support their work and help people to access cultural collections and information resources not available to them locally.

Trove is also a critical backbone resource for family history and historic research.

With an ever-increasing public demand for digital access to our cultural collections, the importance of Trove to the Australia’s galleries, libraries, archives and museums, and the public as a national gateway to discovery, learning and access cannot be overstated.